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Interpretation of FTIR Spectra

An infrared spectrum of a molecule is like a fingerprint, and the nature of the molecule can be determined from its spectrum. Spectra are interpreted with the aid of 'Structure Correlation Charts', which correlate absorbance bands with bonds, and therefore functional groups, in the molecule. While it's usually not possible to determine a connection table from the infrared spectrum alone, especially for complex molecules, the infrared spectrum can give important clues about the properties of a molecule.

The links here are divided into two categories: sites that present structure correlation charts, and those that present guides to interpretation of the data.

Here are links to sites that feature correlation charts.

Pictorial Guide to Interpreting Infrared Spectra
Emphasizes spectral interpretation by organizing bands by their Interpretive Power.
Spectroscopy Tools
This site is interactive. You enter a wavenumber, and it will list the possible functional group assignments.
Characteristic IR Absorption Frequencies of Organic Functional Groups at University of Puget Sound
IR Absorptions for Representative Functional Groups
Of course, Wikipedia has an article.

Here are links to sites that offer guides to interpretation.

Group Frequencies
IR Spectroscopy Tutorial