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ASAP IRE-1 Installation.

  1. Exit Essential FTIR if it is running.
  2. Install the FTDI USB drivers.

    The USB driver is necessary for the communications between the instrument and the driver.

    The latest version of the driver is available from FTDI at this link: FTDI D2XX drivers. Look for the 'Setup Excutable' link in the 'Windows' row.

    You can download the June 2016 version 2.12.18 FTDI driver installer here: CDM21218_Setup.exe

  3. Install the eFTIR data collection plugin.

    Download the plugin installer from here: setup_IRE_instrument.exe

  4. Start eFTIR. In the 'Instrument' toolbox you will see an entry like this (the version number will probably be different).