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Midac 'Streamer' Network Interface

The Midac Network interface uses TCP port 443 to communicate. The network administrator may have to open this port on the computer which is connected to the spectrometer.

Installation Instructions

These steps are covered in more detail below.


Download the needed software

Essential FTIR

Essential FTIR Download Essential FTIR Download Essential FTIR from the link that was emailed to you.
Midac Instrument Plugin setup_midac_streamer_interface.exe A plugin that allows eFTIR to collect data from the Midac Streamer Network Interface


Set the IP Address of the Spectrometer

Midac recommends giving the Spectrometer a fixed IP address, rather than one that is assigned automatically through DHCP.
This is because the software has to know the IP Address of the spectrometer, and if that address changes dynamically, the software will not be able to communicate with the spectrometer.
Also, addresses that are assigned dynamically are also renewed frequently. If this happens
in the middle of data acquisition, communications may fail.

The IP Address that is programmed into the instrument by Midac during in-house testing is probably not going to work on your network.

The IP Address is set through a program called 'IPSetup.exe'. IPSetup.exe is installed into the AutoQuant and Essential FTIR program folders, and can also be downloaded from this site.

Use the windows file explorer to navigate to the appropriate folder and double-click on the IPSetup.exe program. You will see something like this:

But it will look different for your system.
If nothing shows up in the list on the right, please make sure that everything is cabled together and powered up.

Midac recommends that the spectrometer and computer be on the same subnet.
In the IPSetup picture above, the subnet is '192.16.1', that is, the first three numbers in the four-number tuple that make up the IP Address.
These first three numbers must match the first three numbers of your computer's IP Address.

If you don't know the IP Address of you computer, get to a command prompt by clicking 'Start/Run', and enter 'cmd.exe' in the edit box, then click OK.
You'll get a command prompt, and type 'ipconfig' followed by the enter key.
You'll see something like this:

Here, the address of the computer is, so the subnet is 192.168.1.
Now, back in the IPSetup program, enter an IP Address in the 'IP' field in the top left of the dialog.
The IP Address must be on the same subnet but not conflict with any other computers on the subnet.
Click the 'Set' button and see what happens, if it works the instrument will show up in the list on the left with the new IP Address..


Configure the software with the Spectrometer IP Address

Essential FTIR

The Instrument control for the Midac Streamer Interface is a separate plug-in, which you can download from this site (above).

The IP Address of the instrument has to be entered into the eFTIR software so that it can communicate with the instrument.

In eFTIR, select 'Midac Network Streamer' from the 'Instruments' category.
In the tool that appears, select the 'Instrument' tab, and edit the IP Address field.

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