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File Format Conversion in Essential FTIR

The Problem

The software programs offered by most instrument companies support undocumented, proprietary file formats. These programs usually offer few options for exporting the data into more universal, open formats. When they do offer export options, it usually has to be done on one file at a time because there is no provision for batch conversion of groups of files.

The Solution

Converting files is as easy as choosing the 'Batch File Conversion' tool in eFTIR, selecting the source files, choosing the format to convert to, and choosing a destination. One file, or entire folders of files, can be converted with a few clicks of the mouse.

Files can be converted from any of the file types that eFTIR can read. The formats that eFTIR can write to are:

Essential FTIR can also combine multiple spectra into what are known as multi-files, which are single files that contain multiple, related, spectra. This ability is very useful for those who are developing chemometrics applications, because all of the needed data is packaged into one file. The ‘Export to Multifile’ tool in eFTIR performs this action.