Save time, eliminate tedious repetition and avoid mistakes by batch processing spectra.

Batch Processing is integrated into the design of Essential FTIR

Batch Processing with Tools and Windows
Batch Saving of Files
Program Sequences of Operations

Batch processing means to apply operations to multiple spectra, or 'batches' of spectra. Instead of working on spectra one by one, you can operate on batches of spectra. This increases your productivity by eliminating repetitive, tedious, time-consuming and error-prone operations.

Batch Processing with Tools and Windows.

Every processing tool in eFTIR has these buttons. Process one spectrum or all the spectra in a window.

The buttons for applying batch processing
  • Apply: Apply the operation to the current spectrum.
  • Clone and Apply: make a copy of the current spectrum and apply the operation to it.
  • Apply to Visible: Apply the operation to the visible spectra in the window.
  • Apply to All: Apply the operation to all the spectra in the window.
When you are satisfied with the changes, click the 'Batch Save' button to save all the spectra. Otherwise, the undo button can bring all the changed data back to its previous state.

Batch Saving of Files

Batchsaving of files

The Batch Save tool is very useful for saving, copying, and/or renaming files.

The spectra can be saved in any of the supported file write formats, making this an alternate means of converting between file formats.

The clearly labeled and logically presented sections of this dialog make the options easy to understand and apply.

Program Sequences of Operations

Programming Sequences for Batch Processing

If you need to perform multiple operations on spectra, the 'Batch Processing' tool allows you to define sequences out of any of the data manipulation or data conversion tools in eFTIR.

The sequences can be saved and recalled later to be used again.

More powerful than the tool and window based batch processing, this allows multiple operations to be carried out sequentially. The spectra do not have to be loaded into a window, you can select entire directories of data to be processed.

The spectra can be optionally saved in any of the supported file write formats.