Essential FTIR Feature Comparison Chart

  • 'Viewer':
    • Allows viewing of all supported file and library types.
    • View spectra with an unlimited number of windows and spectra per window.
    • Spectral viewing allows visual comparison of spectra in overlay, superimpose and stack modes.
    • Spectral display includes interactive expand, zoom and roll.
    • Print spectra using customizable templates.
  • 'Core' includes:
    • All Viewer features.
    • The most used analysis routines such as Peak Picking, Integration, Library Search and QC Compare.
    • Saving of indvidual files in any of the supported formats for saving data.
    • Unit conversions between Absorbance / Transmittance, and Wavenumbers / Wavelengths.
  • 'Complete' extends the Core version with:
    • All spectral manipulation functions such as Baseline Correction, FFT, Smoothing, Derivative, etc.
    • Batch file conversion of file formats. One click can convert entire directories.
    • The ability to automate repetitive tasks with easy to create Batch Processing sequences.
    • The ability to run custom Python scripts.
    • Data editing and spectral synthesis such as averaging and adding spectra.
  • 'Collector'

A checkmark X indicates the feature is included in that version.

Feature Configuration
Viewer Core Complete Collector
Data Handling
Data Collection from Supported Instruments X
File Browser X X X X
File Save X X X
Printing X X X X
Batch File Conversion X X
Export to Multifile X X
File Finder X X X X
Export Graphics X X X X
Saved Workspaces X X X X
Header Information X X X X
Edit Title X X X
Audit Trail X X X X
Zap X X
Manual Baseline Correction X X
Auto Baseline Correction X X
Fit Baseline X X
X-Shift X X
Derivative X X
Ratio X X
Interferogram to Spectrum (FFT and Ratio) X X
Subtract X X
Smoothing X X
Truncate X X
Scale/Offset X X
Interpolate/Decimate X X
Match Spectra X X
Conversions & Corrections
Y Unit Conversions X X X
X Unit Conversions X X X
Advanced ATR Correction X X
Kramers-Kronig X X
Raman Shift X X
Normalize X X
Integrate X X X
Peak Picking X X X
Manual Peak Picking X X X
Data Point Picker X X X
Measure Peaks X X X
Signal-to-Noise Calculator X X X
Quant & Identification
Spectral Library Search X X X
FDM Library Search X X
Beers Law Quant X X X
QC Compare X X X
Partial Least Squares (PLS) add-on add-on
Classical Least Squares (CLS) add-on add-on
Custom Quant Application X X
Synthesize / Edit Data
Add Peaks to Data X X
Average / Add X X
Edit Data X X
Artificial Spectra X X
Blackbody Spectra X X
Change Header Fields X X
Batch Processor X X
User Scripts X X