Displaying Spectra

Visualizing data is a very important feature of eFTIR.

The ability to expand, zoom, scroll, stack, overlay and superimpose spectra allows the Spectroscopist to visually evaluate spectra.

Essential FTIR allows unlimited numbers of spectra to be displayed in an unlimited number of windows.

To give an idea of the power of the spectral display in eFTIR, this table presents the icons that are present on every display window:

Undo changes to the displayed data. Assign colors to the spectra.
Copy the active spectrum to the internal clipboard. Paste a spectrum from the internal clipboard into the window.
Make a copy of the current sample and paste it into the window. Display data using a user-assigned fixed scale for the data type
Autoscale the display to the limits of the data in the window. Autoscale the y axis to the limits of the data in the window.
undo zoom operations Change the X or Y types of the data to make them compatible
Use the left mouse button to expand the display Use the left mouse button to adjust the display
Use the left mouse button to move the active spectrum Roll the display left
Roll the display right Roll the display up
Roll the display Down Zoom in on the X axis
Zoom out on the X axis Zoom in on the Y axis
Zoom in out the Y axis Make the spectral display full screen
Display the spectra overlaid Display the spectra stacked
Display the spectra superimposed Display one spectrum at a time
Save single or multiple spectra Print the display
Export the display as a bitmap graphic Export the data to the Clipboard, Text File, or Excel

Printing Spectra

Essential FTIR includes a 'page composer' so you can create custom hardcopy printouts of your spectra. The printouts can contain legends, results tables, and images including your company logo.