Spectral Library Search

The infrared spectrum of a molecule is like a fingerprint. By comparing the spectrum of an unknown compound to a library of data, the spectroscopist can identify the unknown. This technique has wide applications in many fields such as forensics, environmental chemistry, research, industrial quality control, and teaching.

Essential FTIR Library Search Features

  • Hundreds of thousands of Reference FTIR Spectra available from third-party library vendors.
  • Many user library formats are supported.
  • Full Spectrum and Multiple Region Searching.
  • Fast, cutting-edge search algorithms.
  • Incremental text search.
  • Browse libraries of spectra like a reference book.
  • Search all your samples with a single click using Batch Search.
FTIR spectrum of xylene
FTIR Spectrum of xylene with best match from the EPA Vapor Phase Library

Commercial Libraries

Essential FTIR does not include spectral libraries, but Essential FTIR can search libraries of spectra available from third-party vendors. All of these vendors offer high-quality collections of Transmission FTIR, ATR, Vapor Phase and Raman spectra at attractive prices.

When ordering STJapan, Aldrich, or NICODOM databases, specify the format to be "Galactic - Grams/32 & SpectralID". Essential FTIR can search any database from any source that is in "Galactic - Grams/32 & SpectralID" format.

User Libraries

Build and Search your own libraries using Essential FTIR.

Most spectral library formats are proprietary. A library builder program places your spectra into a database with an undocumented format. If the software that built the libraries is no longer available, your data is trapped in the database with no way to view it or extract it. If you no longer have the original spectral datafiles, your data is lost.

This can't happen with Essential FTIR, because user libraries are simply folders containing spectral data files. To maintain the library, you just drop files into the folder.

Bring your data with you when you use Essential FTIR.

In addition to being able to read your FTIR datafiles, Essential FTIR can search user libraries that have been generatedin these formats:

  • Winfirst from Mattson Instruments
  • Grams Spectral ID user libraries
  • Perkin Elmer user libraries
  • Thermo Omnic user libraries
  • Sadtler user libraries